Nature Investor Circle | The rise of Web3: Nature’s potential in the digital age

March 25, 2024

Join the Nature Investor Circle in discussing how Web3 technologies provide new methods previously unavailable, to enhance and design equitable nature markets. 

Event details

  • 📅 8 April 2024
  • ⏰ 16h30-17h30 CET
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As we witness a more assertive integration of nature into markets, the challenges we face are multiple. These issues cannot be addressed by forcing nature into our current, inadequate economic models. Instead, we need creative, innovative solutions that consider equity and shared benefits for all.

Pioneering solution-providers are crafting applications across different segments of nature markets. Some of these innovations include products to trace nature-related data across supply chains, tokens for biodiversity monitoring, biodiversity credit platform exchanges and blockchain-based sustainability-linked bonds.

While Web3 applications come with uncertainties, their potential offering is unique. What version – and how market stakeholders will respond – is yet to be determined.

What can I expect?

  • Learnhow Web3 technologies have the potential to provide new methods to enhance nature markets.  
  • Learn about pioneering solution providers who are crafting applications across different segments of nature markets.   
  • Get insights on the Nature Investor Circle’s new extensive market landscape report, identifying opportunities and strategies for web3 technologies within nature markets, which will be launched during the event.  

Who should attend?

  • Early-stage investors, early-stage companies, Nature-based Solutions stakeholders and technology enthusiasts interested in the potential of web3 technologies for nature markets. 


Frédéric Fournier
Frédéric Fournier, CEO, Open Forest Protocol
Francisco Gómez
Francisco Gómez, COO, Terrasos
Hania Othman
Hania Othman, Director of Sustainable Impact for EMEA, HBAR Foundation
Hiba Larsson
Hiba Larsson, Nature Investment Principal, NatureFinance
Konstantina Koulouri
Konstantina Koulouri, Investment Manager, NatureFinance

About the Nature Investor Circle

Nature is complex, all the more so when it interfaces with market dynamics. Market-shaping policies, regulations and standards are evolving rapidly, as are citizens’ perspectives and actions as consumers, investors, tax-payers and voters.

Nature Investor Circle is a space where early-stage investors can connect, share and learn from other pioneers in this dynamic space. It’s a platform for sharing the latest tools, methodologies and financial instruments, all necessary for shaping the nature markets we need.

Nature Investor Circle is designed to meet the needs of early-stage investors through: 

  • Curating cross-cutting, thematic conversations, drawing on leaders in a range of fields
  • Introducing investors new frameworks and tools to inform strategies and asset allocation, helping them link climate-friendly or net zero investing to nature-positive outcomes, risks, and opportunities
  • Access to NatureFinance’s large network, skills and knowledge core capacity
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