Who we are

Our Vision

Our vision is to align global finance with nature positive and equitable outcomes. 

Tackling climate change and reversing nature’s endangered state needs a reset of the nexus between nature and finance.

We see an historic opportunity to re-shape tomorrow’s businesses and economies to ensure nature positive outcomes and equitable distribution of their economic benefits.

Our Approach

NatureFinance is placing nature positive and equitable outcomes at the heart of global finance, from sovereign debt markets to early stage investor ecosystems, risk-related metrics, food system transition and anti-money laundering. Our underlying philosophy is collaborative working, to draw in the best technical, market and policy expertise wherever it is found. 

NatureFinance’s work is underpinned by three cross-cutting pathways to impact:

  1. Effective policy advocacy: increasing market opportunities and the success of nature positive enterprises and investments.
  2. Market engagement: creating an ecosystem of investable, nature-related ventures with the potential to shape nature positive markets.
  3. Innovation and incubation activities: accelerating nature positive outcomes at scale.

Unique Geneva & Swiss Ecosystem

Our work benefits from and contributes to the unique Geneva, and Swiss international ecosystem of financial, corporate, technological, policy and civil actors to enable it to become a global hub of excellence in nature-related finance.


Meet the Team

Amanda Santos Lopes
Amanda Santos Lopes, Global Brazil Administrator-Coordinator
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Anastasia Biselli
Anastasia Biselli, Communications and Engagement Coordinator
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Annia Costermani Visconti
Annia Costermani Visconti, Program Manager
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Arend Kulenkampff
Arend Kulenkampff, Sovereign Financing Lead and Director – Sustainability-linked Sovereign Debt Hub
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Athulya Purushothaman
Athulya Purushothaman, Researcher and Project Manager
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Barbara Oldani
Barbara Oldani, Stakeholder Engagement Lead – Sustainability-linked Sovereign Debt Hub
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Daniel Muthiani
Daniel Muthiani, Associate – Operations
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Eva Sirp
Eva Sirp, Senior Associate – Administration
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Fiona Napier
Fiona Napier, Senior Advisor
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Gregor Pipan
Gregor Pipan, Senior Associate – Sovereign Debt
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Gustavo Martins
Gustavo Martins, Senior Associate for Global Brazil
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Hiba Larsson
Hiba Larsson, Principal – Nature Investment
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Holger Schmid
Holger Schmid, Principal
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Indekhwa Anangwe
Indekhwa Anangwe, Grants Developer and Coordinator
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Isobel Cohen
Isobel Cohen, Principal
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Jeremy Eppel
Jeremy Eppel, Senior Advisor
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Joanna Benn
Joanna Benn, Communications Director
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Joanna O’Malley
Joanna O’Malley, Program Coordinator
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Julie McCarthy
Julie McCarthy, Co-CEO
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Justin Mundy
Justin Mundy, Senior Advisor and Chairman of the Sustainability-linked Sovereign Debt Hub
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Katherine Keddie
Katherine Keddie, Advisor
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Kayla Rodrigues
Kayla Rodrigues, Programme Administrator
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Konstantina Koulouri
Konstantina Koulouri, Project Manager – SEED
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Lilian Mbeva
Lilian Mbeva, Finance Associate
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Louis de Montpellier
Louis de Montpellier, Senior Advisor
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Luana Maia
Luana Maia, Global Brazil Lead
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Marcelo Furtado
Marcelo Furtado, Principal
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Mark Halle
Mark Halle, Senior Advisor
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Martina Tamvakou
Martina Tamvakou, Program Coordinator – Sustainability-linked Sovereign Debt Hub
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Matt Jaworski
Matt Jaworski, Advisor – Web and Digital Communications
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Melina Inglese
Melina Inglese, Finance & Operations Director
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Monique Atouguia
Monique Atouguia, Nature Market Program Manager
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Natan Aquino
Natan Aquino, Advisor – Brand and Design
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Nicholas Niggli
Nicholas Niggli, Associate Principal – Beyond 1.5
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Rupesh Madlani
Rupesh Madlani, Senior Advisor
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Roberta Zandonai
Roberta Zandonai, Communications Senior Associate
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Samruddhi Kothari
Samruddhi Kothari, Research Consultant
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Shereen Wiseman
Shereen Wiseman, Associate – Coordination
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Sarah Krisht
Sarah Krisht, Nature Risk Lead
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Simon Zadek
Simon Zadek, Co-CEO
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Sylvain Coutu
Sylvain Coutu, Senior Associate – Food
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Meet the Board

Abyd Karmali
Abyd Karmali, Board Member
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Isabel Hoffman
Isabel Hoffman, Board Member
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Marianne Haahr
Marianne Haahr, Board Member
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Sanjaasuren Oyun
Sanjaasuren Oyun, Board Member
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Sean Hinton
Sean Hinton, Board Member
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Tom Brookes
Tom Brookes, Board Member
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Vian Sharif
Vian Sharif, Board Member
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Our history as the Finance for Biodiversity Initiative (F4B)

The Finance for Biodiversity Initiative (F4B) was established in 2019 with support from the MAVA Foundation. F4B’s core mission was to increase the materiality of biodiversity in financial decision making and so better align global finance with nature conservation and restoration. NatureFinance will build and expand on F4B’s high-impact work and partnerships.

“Building a nature positive future is not just about natural resources; it’s also about financial sustainability. If we can demonstrate the economic benefits to humanity of a well-functioning ecosystem, we’re much more likely to maintain that ecosystem functionally into the future.”

Andre Hoffmann President, MAVA Foundation



The Finance for Biodiversity Initiative is established in October 2019 as an initiative to increase the materiality of biodiversity in financial decision-making, and so better align global finance with nature conservation and restoration.


In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, F4B publishes the first “Greenness of Stimulus Index” that evaluates the ecological sustainability of COVID stimulus programs.


F4B’s released work pointing to how the global financial system can and must be reshaped to internalise nature and climate costs, and finance the next generation of food production systems that can deliver affordable nutrition for all.


Launch of F4B initiative, the Taskforce on Nature Market, with an initial white paper covering challenges and opportunities associated with ‘nature markets’, including voluntary carbon markets, nature credits and soft commodities.

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