Nature Risk

Integrating Climate-Nature Risks in Finance

Effectively measuring, managing and reporting on nature related risks is not a silver bullet, but a necessary foundation for advancing catalytic initiatives to safeguard nature.

NatureFinance is committed to playing its part at the cutting edge of these developments. 

Nature-Finance Alignment Tool

NatureFinance has developed a first of its kind Alignment Tool to help the finance sector and governments identify, measure and disclose their degree of alignment with net-zero, nature-positive goals. The Tool is built on industry-standard frameworks and NatureFinance’s own proprietary framework.

Nature-Finance Alignment Tool

NatureFinance and TNFD

Investors are being encouraged to assess and disclose their nature related risks through initiatives such as the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosure (TNFD). NatureFinance is currently working with TNFD to research the social and economic equity and rights aspects of nature related risks and disclosure requirements, and supporting early-stage, cutting edge work on nature related scenarios. Read more

Climate-Nature Nexus

NatureFinance has produced a practical overview of where climate-nature risks and opportunities do and don’t overlap; what that means for the investment potential of different sectors and solutions; and how much of the nature problem financial institutions address if they cover climate well. The work maps out the need and potential for building the climate-nature nexus into transition pathways and long-tail risk analysis.  Read more

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