Nature Markets

Shaping Nature Positive Markets

Nature markets are a sub-set of the economy where nature is specifically traded and valued. This includes large markets such as agricultural commodities and emerging markets that reflect the growing economic value of nature, such as nature-based solutions for carbon sequestration.

If markets can be shaped to treat nature as a regenerative asset, they can play an important role in addressing nature loss, climate change, equality and food security issues.

Our work on shaping nature markets aims to place nature and equity at the centre of how we build and run businesses, markets and economies.

Taskforce on Nature Markets

Establishing an ambitious, practical framework for building principles-based nature markets.

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Biodiversity Credit Markets

Emerging biodiversity credit markets must deliver on their core public purpose in terms of scale, price and impact. NatureFinance is working with partners in developing frameworks and recommendations to shape high-integrity biodiversity credit markets.

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Food Finance Nexus

Exploring the food-finance nexus to determining how global finance can be shaped to support the
transition to an inclusive, healthy, sustainable food system.

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Global Brazil

NatureFinance is committed to working with Brazil’s unique ecosystem of financial, corporate, indigenous, technological and policy actors to advance the bioeconomy agenda at local, regional and global levels.

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Bioeconomy in Brazil

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