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As the world’s most influential representative of nature-rich developing economies, Brazil has a critical role to play in aligning global finance with nature. Brazil’s G20 presidency in 2024, and its role as host of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in 2025 (COP30), also represent important opportunities.

NatureFinance is committed to working with Brazil’s unique ecosystem of financial, corporate, indigenous, technological and policy actors to advance the bioeconomy agenda at local, regional and global levels.

Brazil has several characteristics that make it a strategically significant player in discussions around nature finance and the nature economy. It is one of the world’s 17 megadiverse countries, home to 60% of the world’s largest tropical forest and approximately 1.7 million indigenous peoples.

In addition, Brazil ranks among the world’s top 20 economies and plays an important role in setting nature and climate agendas. 

The fact that Brazil is also a key player in the global food system, as one of the 4th largest food producers in the world and the top three global commodities exporters is particularly noteworthy given that soft commodities – where food is bought, traded, and sold – are one of the world’s largest nature markets.

Moreover, Brazil’s leadership in international politics will remain under the spotlight through its Presidency of the G20 in 2024 and hosting of COP 30 in 2025. A combination of Brazil’s sociobiodiversity, strategic geopolitical position, and opportunity to propose financial reforms on a global scale, presents a historical opportunity for Brazil to influence catalytic change. 

Brazil is not without its barriers to equitable, sustainable development – from eliminating hunger and inequalities to tackling illegal nature crimes, especially deforestation and illegal gold mining. The creation and incentivisation of bioeconomy friendly financial instruments is therefore a crucial step toward developing a prosperous nature-based economy capable of delivering positive outcomes for both the environment and its people.

NatureFinance is actively engaging with Brazilian stakeholders to develop and promote a global nature economy – or bioeceonomy – agenda.
Our goal is to work collaboratively to elevate the nature economy to the top of the global agenda at influential international events and processes including the Amazon summit,  G7, COP28 and Brazil’s G20 presidency through to the hosting of COP30.

In this context, we invite those who wish to join us in making a difference to learn more about our work in Brazil and how it connects to our efforts to drive positive change globally.

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