Nature Investor Circle | If you can measure it, you can manage it: Meeting the moment on nature disclosures

November 5, 2023

Join us at the upcoming Nature Investor Circle event. We’ll be discussing the latest developments in nature-related financial disclosures and the new generation of startups creating solutions and tools to help companies get ahead of the curve.   

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Nature has always been a critical ingredient to business success, from its more visible contribution to food production and other soft commodities to its less visible presence in global supply chains as diverse as pharmaceuticals and new technology sectors. But it is only recently that nature’s contribution to the bottom line has begun to be subjected to disciplined scrutiny and measurement.

The release of the disclosure recommendations of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) is the most recent and important milestone in shaping the nature-positive economy to date. The TNFD recommendations provide businesses with a clear basis for communicating internally and to the market, especially investors, about their dependency on nature and the associated risks and impacts.

The rapid growth in interest and work in nature markets and nature-positive investments has been met with a surge of new tools, approaches and businesses. This new wave of ‘paradigm shifters’ can support making nature count in markets, and support companies in adopting and integrating nature disclosures within their operations. However, many of these new ventures need early-stage investment to scale to support wider market adoption and contribute to meaningful nature-positive and equitable outcomes. 

Join NatureFinance and partners for a Nature Investor Circle event exploring these new developments in the fast-changing landscape of nature-related financial disclosures. 

What can I expect?

  • Learn from the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures, the standard-setter for nature-related financial disclosures, about the final recommendations and their practical implications
  • Learn how financial institutions are preparing for the TNFD recommendations
  • Get insights from pioneering early-stage companies on solutions and tools for nature disclosures

Who should attend?

  • Financial institutions interested in the implementation of TNFD recommendations 
  • Early-stage investors interested in the bio-data space and the latest developments in standard-setting for nature markets
  • Early-stage companies seeking to innovate and capitalise on new opportunities on the back of TNFD’s final recommendations 


Simon Pickard
Simon Pickard, Chair of the Impact Investment Committee, UBP
Vian Sharif
Vian Sharif, Founder, NatureAlpha and Head Of Sustainability, FNZ Group
Lucy Almond
Lucy Almond, Chair, Nature4Climate
Hiba Larsson
Hiba Larsson, Nature Investment Principal, NatureFinance

About the Nature Investor Circle

Early-stage investors are vital in supporting a new generation of nature-positive businesses. Yet they rarely have the resources, institutional arrangements or networks needed to make the right investment decisions.  

In September 2023, NatureFinance launched a new community called Nature Investor Circle, a space where early-stage investors can connect, share and learn from other pioneers in this dynamic space. It’s a platform for sharing the latest tools, methodologies and financial instruments, all necessary for shaping the nature markets we need.

Nature Investor Circle is designed to meet the needs of early-stage investors through: 

  • Curating cross-cutting, thematic conversations, drawing on leaders in a range of fields
  • Introducing investors new frameworks and tools to inform strategies and asset allocation, helping them link climate-friendly or net zero investing to nature-positive outcomes, risks, and opportunities
  • Connecting investors with NatureFinance’s large network, skills and knowledge
  • Developing joint strategies, providing access to a pipeline of opportunities and pooling resources to deploy smart capital. 
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