Charting a sustainable path: Nature-climate scenarios in financial decision-making

March 12, 2024

NatureFinance and TNFD, invite you to register for this public webinar on integrating nature-climate scenarios for sustainable financial decision-making.

Event details

📅 25 March 2024

08.00 New York | 12.00 London | 13.00 Paris | 20.00 Singapore [90 mins]

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The session will focus on integrating nature-climate scenarios. NatureFinance has recently partnered with the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the University of Minnesota on a project to advance pioneering efforts to develop an integrated climate-nature scenario framework. The co-hosted webinar with TNFD principally aims to present pioneering work on climate-nature scenario analysis. It will also discuss the relevance of this work for financial risk assessments by central banks, financial institutions and corporates.  We are looking forward to discussing and considering feedback from the audience for integration into the further development of TNFD’s discussion paper on advanced scenarios analysis and the ECB-PIK modelling framework.

This Webinar Will:

  • Highlight the importance and benefits of an integrated perspective on nature and climate risks
  • Present  pioneering work on climate-nature scenario analysis
  • Present modelling frameworks supporting integrated scenario development and some preliminary findings
  • Discuss the relevance of the modelling outputs for financial risk assessments by central banks, financial institutions and corporates

Speakers and Work Presented Include:

  • Alessandra Melis (TNFD) | Advanced scenario analysis discussion paper
  • Serafin Martínez Jaramillo (Banco de Mexico) | NGFS Recommendations toward the development of scenarios for assessing nature-related economic and financial risks
  • Dr Miodrag Stevanovic (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research) | ECB, PIK and NatureFinance’s project on climate-nature scenario development
  • Dr Nicola Ranger (University of Oxford) | NGFS Occasional Paper on the Macro-Criticality of Nature to Finance
  • Simon Zadek, Co-CEO, NatureFinance
  • Emily McKenzie, Technical Director, TNFD

Who should attend?

Financial institutions interested in nature-climate scenarios in financial decision-making

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