Building Bridges Event: Tools for a Nature Positive Transition

September 14, 2023

Tools for a Nature Positive Transition

Aligning Finance with the Global Biodiversity Framework

Date: 3rd October 2023

Time : 13:30-14:30 CET

Location:  Centre International de Conférences Genève – Room A and Online

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About the Event

Join us for an enlightening event on aligning financial systems with the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF). Discover the latest tools and metrics designed to support private and public financial institutions, governments, and businesses in transitioning towards a nature-positive and net-zero future.


The Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) is a landmark document with 23 targeted milestones to be achieved by 2030. These objectives chart a comprehensive course for society to address the pressing challenges of safeguarding and regenerating our natural world. Notably, within these goals, Goal D and Target 14 spotlight the imperative for both public and private financial flows to align with nature goals and commitments.

But how do we translate these goals into actionable strategies? NatureFinance, NatureAlpha, SEED, TNFD, and WWF-Switzerland invite you to join us at Building Bridges 2023 to explore a range of tools and metrics for corporate and financial sectors to chart their net-zero and nature positive pathways. These tools cover an array of approaches, from assessing biodiversity risks, impacts and dependencies, to measuring the state of nature’s health anywhere in the world.

Tools and metrics to be showcased include:
Speakers Include:
  • Amandine Favier (Head of the Sustainable Finance, WWF Switzlerland)
  • Emily McKenzie (Technical Director, TNFD)
  • Jeremy Eppel (Principal, NatureFinance)
  • José Pugas (Partner & Head of ESG, JGP Asset & Wealth Management)
  • Simon Pickard (Chair of the Impact Investment Committee for UBP in Geneva)
  • Tom Crowther (Founder, Restor)
  • Vian Sharif (CEO, Nature Alpha)

Join us in person at Building Bridges in Geneva, or online: Register Now

Speakers include

Amandine Favier
Amandine Favier, Head of the Sustainable Finance department at WWF Switzerland

Amandine Favier is Head of the Sustainable Finance department at WWF Switzerland.

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Emily McKenzie
Emily McKenzie, Technical Director at the TNFD

Emily McKenzie is the Technical Director at the TNFD. She has worked for 20 years integrating nature in policy, finance, economics, and decision-making.

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Jeremy Eppel
Jeremy Eppel, Principal

Jeremy Eppel is a NatureFinance Principal and is the co-founder of Eppel Sustainability, a consultancy established in 2016 to help organisations tackle global sustainability challenges and secure funding.

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José Pugas
José Pugas, Head of Responsible Investments and Engagement, JGP Asset Management

José Pugas is Partner and Head of Responsible Investments and Engagement at JGP Asset Management.

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Simon Pickard
Simon Pickard, Chair of the Impact Investment Committee for UBP in Geneva

Simon Pickard is an impact investor and member of Toniic’s 100% network.

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Tom Crowther 
Tom Crowther , Founder and Lead Scientist, Crowther Lab 

Prof Thomas Crowther is a Welsh ecologist in the Department of Global Ecosystem Ecology at ETH Zurich, where he founded Crowther Lab, an interdisciplinary group of scientists studying global ecosystems and generating knowledge to protect biodiversity and address climate change.

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Vian Sharif
Vian Sharif, Founder NatureAlpha, Head Of Sustainability FNZ Group

Dr. Vian Sharif’s work centres on driving the development of innovative technology solutions to catalyse the shift to more sustainable capital allocations with a focus on the natural environment.

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