Making Nature Markets Work

August 10, 2023

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Making Nature Markets Work: Final Recommendations of the Taskforce on Nature Markets

Today’s economic model has destroyed nature at unprecedented rates, accelerated the climate crisis and inequality, and undermined both financial stability and food security. The Amazon rainforest is nearing a tipping point, with more than 75% losing its ability to recover from events such as droughts or fires. Globally, biodiversity has declined by 70% since 1970, and the world has already lost a third of its forests, which are vital to absorbing carbon emissions and reducing global temperatures. 

The ongoing shift towards pricing nature into markets has the potential to see billions of dollars mobilised for nature’s protection and a greater share of economic rewards going to nature’s stewards. However, it could also open the door to risks of greenwashing and entrenchment of the extractive global economy.

The unprecedented shift towards pricing nature into markets must be harnessed to protect nature and transition to a fairer, more sustainable economy.

The Taskforce on Nature Markets, an initiative of NatureFinance, has set out 7 recommendations to embed nature and equity goals into global financial activity.

The report’s ambitious, yet practical, recommendations include advancing traceability in the global food commodity markets, requiring traders to take nature and climate into account, mandating nature crime-free value chains, and ensuring carbon markets and emerging biodiversity credit markets deliver fair prices to nature-rich countries, Indigenous Peoples, and local communities.

See the recommendations and learn more about the work here.

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