Every Action Counts

Together with Green Digital Finance Alliance (GDFA), F4B is co-hosting the Every Action Counts (EAC) coalition.

Every Action Counts Coalition

Empowering 1 Billion Green Digital Champions


EAC is an innovative attempt to harness consumer power – through savings, spending and action– to help protect nature and climate. It is a global network of fintech, digital finance, e-commerce and consumer goods and services companies coming together with experts, public sector and civil society organisations to empower citizens to green the world through digital innovations. The network will do that by sharing best-practices in nature product development, identity-based gamifying approaches, and science-based approaches to green foot-printing testing/learning.


The long-term aim of EAC is to build a new digital citizen-led market which harnesses people’s spending and saving activities so as to conserve and regenerate the planet’s biodiversity and climate.

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