Bioeconomy Pathways: Contributing to the G20 – Key Takeaways

June 3, 2024

This May, NatureFinance convened approximately 20 spokespersons, including representatives from Brazilian government ministries, 15 G20 country embassies, G20 Initiative on Bioeconomy (GIB) representatives, and both national and international organizations. This event also marked the release of a study, “The Global Bioeconomy: The Preliminary Survey of G20 Strategies and Practices,” co-authored by NatureFinance on behalf of 19 organizations. 

The G20 serves as a crucial decision-making forum and is under the leadership of Brazil before moving to South Africa for 2025. Brazil launched the G20 Initiative on Bioeconomy (GIB), which seeks to position the bioeconomy at the center of the global financial and economic landscape. NatureFinance has been conducting studies and organizing events involving government, academia, the financial sector, and civil society. Our objective is to facilitate discussions that will help consolidate High-Level Principles, promoting a bioeconomy that benefits nature, climate, and people.

The summary document highlights the key content and main speeches on the bioeconomy from an earlier event in May highlighting the importance of equity, fair resource distribution, new regulations, and much more. 

To learn more about NatureFinance’s Global Brazil work, click here.

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