Greenness of Stimulus Index – 6th Edition

July 15, 2021

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The Greenness of Stimulus Index (GSI) assesses the effectiveness of the COVID-19 stimulus efforts by G20 countries and ten other nations in ensuring an economic recovery that takes advantage of sustainable growth opportunities, and builds resilience through the protection of the climate and biodiversity.

It provides a method to gauge the current impact of the COVID-19 responses, to track countries’ progress over time, and to identify and recommend measures for improving the effectiveness of those responses.

This assessment represents the final GSI update in its current form. The policies in this release are current as of 30 June 2021. The previous release was published in February 2021.

As the exceptional social support and stimulus spending from COVID-19 winds down and increasingly merges with regular government budgeting, this note concludes the GSI series that has appraised the economic stimulus responses to the pandemic. Moving forward, we will be expanding our focus of work to more broadly bring transparency to public finance and support governments to make public spending nature-positive and climate-positive.

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