F4B becomes NatureFinance

August 16, 2022

Nature is becoming more visible and material – the core mission of the Finance for Biodiversity Initiative (F4B) since its inception in 2019. The role of nature in addressing climate, food security and broader sustainable development challenges is also increasingly clear, contributing to the speed at which nature is rising up policy and market agendas.

F4B has evolved to the next phase of impact and ambition, to align global finance with nature positive outcomes. It has been established as a Geneva based, Swiss non-profit organisation operating under a new name – NatureFinance.  

Building on the success of F4B’s work, networks and capabilities, NatureFinance has taken on a broader vision of making nature count in global finance. An expanding portfolio of work will both benefit from the unique Geneva and broader Swiss ecosystem,  and contribute to creating a global centre of excellence in nature related finance.

What to expect as F4B becomes NatureFinance?

The field of nature finance has many dimensions, actors and change pathways. The measurement and pricing of nature related risk is generating a new data industry alongside new tools, standards and regulations. Policy makers and financial regulators are considering the place of nature in financial stability and prudential regulation, as well as new rules connecting nature impacts to everything- from trade and investment to money laundering rules. Emerging nature markets and technologies are also creating new nature related opportunities, from nature credit markets to infrastructure and food systems. 

NatureFinance opening portfolio:

High impact workstreams developed by F4B will expand and intensify- including our work on Integrating Nature-related Risks in Finance, Sustainable Sovereign Debt, Food & Finance, Nature Markets and Nature Liabilities.

New nature focused investment opportunities are being developed to address climate, food security, equity and broader sustainable development goals.

Increased innovation and incubation activities will accelerate nature positive outcomes at scale. 

Advocacy is deepening, including ongoing action, with partners, to advance policies, financial regulations, legislative measures, and standards, as well as the use of public finance.  

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