Nature’s next stewards

July 14, 2021

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Why central bankers need to take action on biodiversity risk

A new report from WWF, with contributions from F4B, highlights the urgency for central banks and financial supervisors to act on the risk of unprecedented nature loss. 

With biodiversity loss not only compounding climate-related risks but a global crisis in its own right, the report warns that current practices of only integrating climate-related risks and impacts in existing mandates of central banks and financial supervisors, and not including risks from nature loss, fall short in ensuring a sustainable financial system.

The WWF report Nature’s next stewards: Why central bankers need to take action on biodiversity risk – with contributions from I4CE, F4B, ECOFACT, CEP and IUCN – is published within the scope of WWF’s Greening Financial Regulation Initiative which supports central banks, financial regulators and supervisors in enhancing the financial sector’s stability and resilience to climate-related and broader environmental and social risks, while enabling the mobilisation of capital for the transition to a low-carbon, resilient and sustainable economy.

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