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The Nature-Finance Alignment Tool is designed to help private and public financial actors understand their level of alignment with nature and where action is most needed – within countries and sectors – to deliver net zero, nature positive outcomes.


Our current assessment of USD 31 trillion of global financial flows indicates significant misalignment with nature positive frameworks with less than 13% of flows found to be strongly aligned with nature.

  • Where our data is most granular and comprehensive – development finance – the picture is worse: only 6% of flows are strongly aligned with nature.
  • Private flows are least aligned in relation to major economies which have high levels of nature assets, notably China, India, South Africa, and Malaysia

This status quo underpins the case for the Tool to expose the current degree of alignment of finance with nature and understand where action is most needed at the country and sector level to advance global efforts to restore and regenerate nature.

Nature-Finance Alignment Tool Pilot Programme 

As larger volumes of private data are introduced through pilots, the Tool will be able to discern between nature negative or positive investments, at both country and sector levels, allowing financial actors to better understand the impacts of their specific financial flows on nature.

More about the Pilot Programme
Actors from across the financial sector are invited to engage with the ongoing development of this Tool. Reach out to us to share insights on how the Tool can help your organisation plan a nature positive transition pathway.

Annia Costermani Visconti


Program Manager, NatureFinance

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