Catalytic Investment Facility

The Catalytic Investment Facility, will invest, and crowd in other investments in early stage businesses that have the potential to shape tomorrow’s equitable, nature positive markets. Mava Foundation, a philanthropic foundation which invests in people and nature to support nature conservation, provided seed funding.  Solicited proposals only. 

The ‘Catalytic Investment Facility’ has been set up to invest in commercial ventures with high potential to play a catalytic role in shaping equitable, nature positive markets.

A ‘catalytic investment strategy’ combines:

  1.  Investments in ventures that shape nature positive markets because of their products and/or business models, and
  2. Complementary action to advance enabling policies, regulations, standards, and legal and fiscal developments.

Investors want to invest in companies that are market shaping as these are more likely to be ‘financial unicorns’. A nature-focused catalytic investment strategy seeks to bet on ‘nature unicorns’ that are financially viable and deliver exceptional nature returns by influencing the shape of markets not just their own business footprint.

“Successful catalytic investments will enlarge the availability of investable nature positive ventures and, in doing so, contribute to dampening investor interest in ventures that are not nature positive.”

Andre Hoffmann President, MAVA Foundation; Vice Chairman, Roche

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