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In September 2023, NatureFinance launched a new community called Nature Investor Circle. Nature Investor Circle brings together early-stage investors, scientists and thought leaders looking to support investments with nature-positive outcomes. 

Early-stage investors are vital in supporting a new generation of nature-positive businesses. Yet they rarely have the resources, institutional arrangements or networks needed to make the right investment decisions.  

Nature, especially biodiversity, is complex, all the more so when it interfaces with market dynamics. Business and market-shaping policies, regulations and standards are evolving rapidly, as are citizens’ perspectives and actions as consumers, investors, tax-payers and voters.

Nature Investor Circle is a space where early-stage investors can connect, share and learn from other pioneers in this dynamic space. It’s a platform for sharing the latest tools, methodologies and financial instruments, all necessary for shaping the nature markets we need.

We invite all early-stage market players who are working to accelerate equitable, nature-positive investments to attend our regular Nature Investor Circle virtual events.If your organization is interested in becoming a Nature Investor Circle partner, please reach out to

The Nature Investor Circle aims to and is designed to meet the needs of early-stage investors in nature-positive ventures. In doing so, it will draw in leading experts to: 

  • Curate cross-cutting, thematic conversations, drawing on leaders in a range of fields. 
  • Utilise frameworks, tools, and workshops to inform strategies and asset allocation and help investors link climate-friendly or net zero investing to more equitable nature-positive outcomes, risks, and opportunities. 
  • Provide access to NatureFinance’s large network, skills and knowledge core capacity. 
  • Develop joint strategies, access a pipeline of opportunities, and pool resources to deploy smart capital. 

All past events are available here or on the NatureFinance YouTube channel.

If you have any questions or want further information about how you can get involved with Nature Investor Circle, reach out to

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