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Integrating Climate-Nature Risks in Finance

Effectively measuring, managing and reporting on nature related risks is not a silver bullet, but a necessary foundation for advancing catalytic initiatives to safeguard nature.

NatureFinance is committed to playing its part at the cutting edge of these developments. 

Biodiversity Index Partnership

The Biodiversity Index Partnership (BIP) is a partnership between NatureFinance and SEED, a non-profit initiative of the Crowther Lab at ETH Zurich, to advance market adoption of a world class biodiversity index designed to capture a much fuller range of the true value of biodiversity. Read More

Increasing Finance-Nature Alignment

NatureFinance is developing a Global Alignment Index and Dashboard with the goal of increasing the alignment of public and private financial flows with nature. It will allow financial actors and governments to identify, measure and disclose their degree of alignment with nature, and highlight action needed to set global finance on a net-zero, nature-positive trajectory. Read more


Climate-Nature Nexus

NatureFinance has produced a practical overview of where climate-nature risks and opportunities do and don’t overlap; what that means for the investment potential of different sectors and solutions; and how much of the nature problem financial institutions address if they cover climate well. The work maps out the need and potential for building the climate-nature nexus into transition pathways and long-tail risk analysis.  Read more

NatureFinance and TNFD

Investors are being encouraged to assess and disclose their nature related risks through initiatives such as the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosure (TNFD). NatureFinance is currently working with TNFD to research the social and economic equity and rights aspects of nature related risks and disclosure requirements, and supporting early-stage, cutting edge work on nature related scenarios. Read more

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